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The mixtapes score of 95 tells us that 'Me llamas' should go after 'Déjame te explico'
Thus creating flawless and nice to the ear playlists

Planned features

  • Blockchain backed up playlists
  • Score calculation based on the selected song
  • Importing (Converting) playlists from spotify into Sets
  • Continuous bpm when adding new songs
  • Active and Innactive sets
  • Login to spotify
  • Export Mixtapes playlists to spotify playlists
  • Automated creation of playlist from all active sets
  • Simple User Interface for people without djing skills
Mixtapes is all about the idea of creating flawless and perfectly mixable playlists.
First create your music library in the Library section. Than with the active sets from your library you will be able to create the perfect playlists.
This application uses the spotify API as a song provider.